In Aircraft Servicing

One of our strongest talents is in-aircraft diagnostics. We specialize in solving complex issues that may have occurred as a result of a recent upgrade or simply a recent  failure. In fact, at times, we have had other avionics shops send their customers to us for problems that could not be rectified.

Autopilot Repair

VIP specializes in optimizing the performance of your flight control systems. Our award winning technicians are able to service your entire auto-pilot system including related components "in house". Safety and excellence are the hallmark of our service, and we offer a one year warranty on all overhauled components. If a new autopilot is required, our consultants will help make sure you get the product that fits your need and your budget. Our specialties include S-Tec(Cobham), Century , ARC, Bendix, and Bendix King

Instrument Repair and Overhaul

VIP is the only FAA Certified instrument repair station in New England. We specialize in all types of instruments and have 30 years experience in repairing and/or overhauling your gauges. VIP receives instruments from all over the world for overhaul. We feature quick turnaround on repairs and can often supply exchanges.

Aircraft Maintenance

Our maintenance department can provide a wide range of aircraft service, from a simple oil change to a complete annual. We work closely with the customers and provide good communications during the process of your repair.
Avionics Repair

VIP is the premier avionics repair station in the North East. We maintain up to the minute training and calibrated test equipment to service all of your avionics needs. Staffed by a team of avionics technicians, these professionals can handle any avionics problem in short order, minimizing your down time. And, if possible, VIP can provide loaners for our scheduled customers.

See why VIP has become synonymous with excellence and value for avionics retrofit. VIP takes pride in providing and installing all of the cutting edge avionics products pilots rely on in the modern flight environment. Consult with our installation marketing team and view an installation in progress. Our staff is particularly skilled at interfacing new products with existing equipment, ensuring compatibility of all installed equipment, which is essential to a successful installation. And unlike many avionics shops, we will perform a flight test to validate the installed systems are operating properly.